The Dresses, the actors and Chris Rock

I have not been writing lately because life has been busy, but I thought I should say something about the Oscar’s that was just aired on Sunday. I have a few things to say, and its not all about Chris Rock’s iffy jokes.

To start off, Chris Rock and his monologue. Now the comedic side of me thinks that he is a comedic genius, I mean the man played the most iconic zebra in Hollywood cinema. He wanted to make the entire audience feel uncomfortable and I think he succeeded, his candid words and his presentation are bound to make you laugh. BUT, that being said, I was miffed at his #askhermore comment, because clearly he was totally missing the point. This movement is about women being more than their dress, its not to say they can’t be asked about it because the artists that create those dresses are extremely talented but the point is that women are more than just the dress, they have a craft that deserves to be recognized as well.

I usually get blinded by his entertaining voice, I had to double check what I was really listening to, and thanks to some other fellow twitter folk I was glad to see both praise for him and deconstruction. I began to think about what he was saying and the controversy he was stirring up among twitter…which was his point if I may say so myself.

He did creatively call out Hollywood institutionalized racism using his pre-recorded skits and I felt like he stuck to his style of comedy, which is usually borderline offensive as is. While calling out Hollywood throughout the night for lack of diversity he addressed the issue in a way the Academy didn’t, he took the conversation to a whole new level. It become a realization that cinema needs to be open to more demographics as his skit at the movie theatre in Compton showed. Now my question is will this make the Oscars look different next year? Did a host so candidly calling out Hollywood create real change? Will there be more actors of colour nominated? WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

However, I didn’t appreciate the sexist comments, I get that he was doing his regular Chris Rock thing, but in deconstructing we can realize that some of his jokes were problematic. I also didn’t understand Stacey Dash’s presence but I digress. I could say so much about him but there is just so much to say. Simply google Chris Rock and Oscars and you’ll find everything he said last night.

Pretty much sums up the reaction to Stacey Dash..among other things. courtesy of the internet

On to things not about Chris Rock that stole the show.

Jacob Tremblay, how can you not love that kid? And he is Canadian too.  And not to mention his friendship with Brie Larson. I was proud of her for winning, if you have seen Room she gave a powerful performance and so did Jacob. She deserved it. And I mean Leo finally winning, I mean that was bound to happen, not to mention his amazing acceptance speech that totally called out greedy corporations. On point Leo, on point.

And of course I can’t not talk about the dresses…honestly everyone looked amazing. I mean Costume Designer Mad Max Jenny Beavan sported a skull leather jacket, you can’t not love that.  And of course Kerry Washington look amazing in her dare I say gladiator-esque dress, Brie Larson was dazzling in blue, Lady Gaga rocked the modern pant suit, and Saoirse Ronan was rocking the green for obvious reasons.

Bottom line: Chris Rock was iffy with his jokes, I don’t doubt that, but its about time someone who hosted the Oscars call out Hollywood as whole throughout the night, and as borderline offensive as SOME of the jokes were it warranted a much needed response and as evident from the Academy Awards Board presidents speech hopefully change will happen.


disclaimer:  I don’t own any of these photos, I found them on google as I do most things.


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