From the Capital City to the Forest City

Well I haven’t posted in awhile, basically because I’ve been busy with school and life, so unfortunately that has impacted my blog but have no fear this post will be riveting.

I have been here for three, well almost four months, and it’s been pretty great. For the first time I can say that I LOVE my classes with the exception of one but I won’t mention it on the Internet or will I? Let’s just say it’s a sciencey class and well I’m just not that sciencey. But let’s be real, the best part has been meeting awesome people and sitting on Western Crafting for a Cure’s crafting committee and realizing how out of shape I am (almost) every week at spin class as well as well as my academic endeavors

But what this post is really about is my journey from living in the capital city to the forest city.

First: THE WEATHER. Weather in the forest city is so…unpredictable to say the least. One day I will be wearing a fall/almost winter coat, the next a windbreaker, the next a simple fleece, all in the span of 1 week. I mean can I get some consistency. BUT the bright side is I get to sport my fall booties for longer than a month and my cute fall/almost winter jacket. In the capital winter hits early, last year shivering in my boots at the bus stop started after Halloween, snow fell in mid November and then -40 hit for gosh knows how long, but hey I knew I was going to be cold all the time so consistency

Second: Richmond Street and the Byward market. The Forest city is a beautiful nature filled city, the campus is one of the most beautiful in the country and I fell in love the first time I saw it. There are amazing restaurants on Richmond, a stellar Loblaws, and the campus is a dream, with trees and Hogwarts like buildings, cute boutiques, I couldn’t be happier with the city. Skating on Victoria Park will be a highlight of my life. ON THE OTHER HAND the Capital city has an incomparable charm. There is nothing like Remembrance Day in the capital and seeing parliament light up at Christmas time and eating a beavertail on the canal. I love both cities equally, because they each have a charm and Western serves all my academic and leisure needs, filled with great people. Of course I miss my skating team and friend-family back in the capital but both cities hold special places in my heart.

Third: The shopping, basically I love malls and procrastinating in them and I have to say, I think the Forest City wins, with its crazy amount of thrift shops and a great mall albeit missing a few stores its is on point and its in a right beside Loblaws and a huge Chapters, plus a pet smart so I mean if you ever find yourself feeling down you can just go look at cats.

I think the biggest take away I have gotten from moving here is that I may be at a different place, with new friends, and still finding friends and constantly thinking about my career and where I’m going to go after graduation, but I do know one thing, I haven’t lost my capital city friends in fact I think we may have grown closer. After moving here I thought, how will I keep in contact, then I remembered this is the digital age: TECHNOLOGY. I do miss living with my best friends but as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Can’t wait until my crazy capital friends come visit, I have already started planning activities.

This will be me and my friends when we reunite 



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