The changing Bikini body

Recently, as my Twitter followers know, I bought my first high-waisted bikini and with summer basically here (kind of I guess #Canadiansummer) I decided to tell your fine butts about it. At first I had reservations about trying one on, I thought, well I am short it might not look good, aren’t they for old ladies? Are people going to think I am covering up? Then I tried it on and wazam, hotness, well as hot as you can be in an American Eagle change room, which generally make me look like a jaundice potato.

Then this got me thinking, I am so glad high waisted bikini’s are back in style, but I am also glad string bikinis are still in style. I used to think covering up met that your weren’t confident. I was always jealous of girls with Abs and nice legs wearing there tiny little suits. But over the years I have become more accepting of my bikini body and realized that everyone is just trying to find a suit that makes them feel good, and if that is the speedo one piece for you, or the triangle string bikini then go for it!

My favourite article of Buzzfeeds is the called “37 Totally Perfect Bikini Bodies” that not only features skinny girls and larger girls, but all sizes of girls, even average people, like me! And model like girls and plus sized girls, and medium sized girls, and women of all colours, all rockin’ great bathing suits.

I think we need to stop looking at those “perfect bikini body” ads and start just trying to find a suit that makes you feel like a million bucks. Thank you modern world, though we still have issues, I am glad the bikini body is expanding its range and market. Also shout out to American eagle for not photo shopping their models, makes me feel good about the future….until next time readers.


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