OMG you have never been drunk?

This is my first post in awhile readers! In light of it being the month that holds designated get drunk on St. Patty’s, I would like to write about just that “getting drunk”.

Now I say, never been drunk because the title sums up the reaction I get from many people. Now I have had alcohol but rarely never more than one drink in a sitting albeit not very often. I still have a mini bottle of rum sitting in the cupboard that I bought in September…that says something.

When I tell people I have never been drunk at the ripe age of 19 they all look at me like I have four heads

The most popular reaction I get is live a little. Here is my answer, living a little to me is not getting drunk, its bungee jumping or having an extra cookie, or skating on the canal or taking a spontaneous road trip! Not getting super drunk. I am also not against drinking or drunk people; I simply don’t want to do it. I simply prefer not to get a lot of cankers from drinking alcohol.

The second most popular reaction is “take a risk”. Oh goodness how is getting drunk with the possibility of alcohol poisoning (knowing my luck) taking a fricken risk. I have no problems with my friends getting drunk but as a personal decision I don’t want to take that risk of being completely out of my body or however people feel when they are drunk. I also haven’t thrown up since I was 8 years old and I would like to keep that streak going.

When people think its weird I rarely say this to their face but I always think well I don’t think its weird that you are getting drunk, so what gives them the right to judge me for not drinking or getting drunk?

You know, I think what is difficult about not drinking at outings is that sometimes its not fun, I will admit that, but most times I still have fun without alcohol. And maybe my choice to stay sober will limit me from ever going to a club, or a rowdy bar but I am perfectly content to go to a pub to hang out have some nachos and drink some Pepsi, if that isn’t your idea of a good night than I’m sorry I don’t want to ruin my liver with you?

Now, I do not think I am morally superior, I also don’t feel like a loser for not drinking. I prefer to go out to lunch with my friends, go explore a random street, go for ice cream, or skating or swimming and my idea of a night on the town is a movie or dinner.

Drinking is a large part of university and high school culture and for many students getting drunk is a must for having a fun night, and sure this is the idea for a large portion of the population, but that isn’t mine, yes maybe that was limiting but if I am friends with someone who pressures me to drink, then what kind of friend is that?

People, we exist, us unicorns, and yes I have friends and made friends, and yes these friends do get drunk on occassion but I hang out with them because they have never once looked at me funny for refusing a drink, I still play drinking games, with water or pop, and they love me for me. Rock on non-drinkers, rock on.



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