Twas a good year 2014

Things that have happened in 2014 that may or may not have affected me:

  • I developed a deep love for Grey’s Anatomy and all things Shondaland
  • I discovered that I can use Microsoft office effectively…as if I didn’t already know that
  • Viola Davis was the new resident badass on television, next to Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay and Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning, Allison Hendrix, and Helena, Cosima Niehaus and many more clone badasses.
  • I discovered that I am allergic to more of the world than I thought was possible

allison greys oliviapope  violadavissophia-bush-devient-erin-lindsay This was a good year, a solid period of time in which I grew as a person, not in height which is slightly unfortunate. Anyway what I am really going to discuss is Christmas. Basically after last new years I just wait for Christmas again, not for the presents or the consumerism (okay well partly for that) but because it is a warm time of year, a time of year where smiles are bountiful and food, that I am allergic to, is everywhere.

One thing I learned from my 19 years of Christmases is that your list will get smaller every year, the toys will dwindle and turn into movies, seasons, and books, and clothing (which so many people hate getting but its my personal favourite). You then realize, as this list gets shorter that your value for simply being at home is increased, despite family craziness, it is nice to be home.

Although I find those sayings people post of Facebook slightly annoying, I do find them extremely true. The holidays are about family and giving, in fact I think I got more enjoyment out of gifting a gigantic wine glass for my mom than anything. Christmas is also a time where I personally stop to appreciate what I have in my life, not just material things, but health care, education, and rights, where some countries are still fighting for their most basic needs, I live them everyday, I appreciate the country I was born in and Christmas is one of those simple reminders that I am lucky.

Besides Christmas of 2014, the rest of 2014 has been a whole new learning experience. With my switch to college, trying new things, and not eating wheat, I say bring it on 2015, and please may 2015 bring back the wheat.


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