Not again Pinterest…not again


Our world has this fascination with abs…and yes they are nice and compliment your body, but what the hell is wrong with not having a six-pack? As a woman, I am being thrown this idea that its okay to be proud of my curves be proud of my non six pack, but the on the other hand I am being thrown eons of photos says “get that perfect bikini body” “get rid of your love handles”, photos like the above grind my gears. This girl DOES NOT have a muffin top, she is grabbing her skin…honestly Pinterest not again.

We see celebrities such as Mindy Kaling and Viola Davis as icons of women, and they are. Then we flip to female athletes where they are praised by the media for their chiseled bodies, more than their talent (though they are also praised for talent). Yes, men are praised for their bodies and six packs and they are part of this issue to. This is the issue there is a tug of war between body peace and then being shamed for not being chiseled and ripped.

Sometimes when someone mentions how fat someone is, I don’t think they are fat yet the person I am with thinks they are, when they aren’t! This is because women are apparently supposed to have muscles and get muscles like men. Now this “strong is the new thin” is shaming girls who are not ripped that they are not healthy enough, not good enough.

I understand that this is better than being unhealthily skinny and this idea promotes a healthy life style. But you know what, why can’t we just promote love? Why can’t we just promote empowerment overall? Something away from physical looks, something away from wanting to be ripped and pretty. Why can’t we praise each other for something other than looking good (though its always nice to get a compliment), how about hey you are a really loyal friend? Or hey, you have a great sense of humour? Because you know, I really like it when people tell me I am funny, (well lets face it I am).

This is just another reason why girls think they aren’t good enough, strong enough, and pretty enough. They see this and think I have to be this way, I have to look like this, I have to get a six pack and get rid of all my fat. Well I got news, that isn’t how you need to look. Okay? Celebrities, and athletes and models, their job is to have the six packs, and even then they are Photoshoped anyway, so this ideal is unattainable in any aspect of the media portrayal of women.


Please, just try for me, for a day to compliment somebody for their personality, not their looks.