Hermione Granger is grown up

I would like to bring up the idea of feminism, once again for all my readers…lucky you!

Anyway so this week Emma Watson made an amazing speech about getting men involved in the fight for equality for women. She put it perfectly saying that “feminism has become synonymous with man-hating”. And she is entirely right, I am a feminist and I don’t hate men, in fact men are pretty great.

Now, all dads drive their daughters crazy, but perhaps my perspective comes from having a feminist father. Yes my mother has taught me to be a strong independent woman, but so has my dad. He never once told me what to wear and has always encouraged me to do what I wanted, I mean come on he let me to Carleton when he knew I wanted to go Western, and I thank him for letting me learn the hard way. And I have never once heard him tell my mother what to wear…which apparently guys like to tell their girlfriend or wife what to wear and somehow need their approval of their appropriateness, darling please I will wear what I want when I want.

Today I had an interesting experience in my sociology class. My professor asked us who considered themselves feminists, I raised my hand, my two friends raised their hands, he raised his hand and one guy tentatively put his hand up (possibly because I was sitting in the front and couldn’t see behind me, their could have been more hands raised, but judging by my profs reaction I doubt it), but this says something. My prof asked why feminism has a bad connotation, and I said its because people think we hate men and that we all don’t shave and burn our bras in the streets. One person even asked for an example of how women are treated unequally. Which is a valid question because in western society its not in your face blatant but how about the startling gender pay gap? Canadian women on average still get paid less than men, according to a cbc article men earn 20% more than their female counterparts. Or our lack of representation in the house of commons? Granted the number has grown to women making up 39 per cent of the caucus, but we could do better, look at Afghanistan that has more women in their parliament than us, yet are more oppressed in every day life?

But its not just gender wage gap statistics that strike me, it’s the view of women in general. It’s the inequality we face everyday, and many people unknowingly treat us differently. Since the definition of feminism is essentially “the belief that men and women should have equal social, political and economic rights” then we have a long way to go, even here in Canada. The social aspect is especially frightening. Something I have faced my entire life. I stand up for myself, I talk back, and I am sometimes rude and sometimes I do need a filter, which is seen as negative but is it really?

I think Emma Watson’s #HeforShe campaign is amazing. We need men in our lives to know that we don’t hate them we just want to be equal in all aspects. We just want to be able to run a company without being seen as a jaded bitch, we just want to get paid as much as the next guy for doing the same job! It’s not a difficult concept.

taken from buzz feed
taken from buzzfeed




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