The Pain of Picking a Career Path

Literally, this is a pain in my butt (I sit for hours looking up schools, no joke). There are people who have like, this five year plan. Get a degree, get married, have kids, done, simple, capeash. Then there is the pool of us who are like “I have no idea what I want to do, my five year plan is to survive” I’m 19, I should know what I want in life, but at this moment I really just want ice cream cake.

 I’m 19, so naturally society wants us to know what we like. My decisions come in waves. Some days I’m all “Omg, I am going to be the next Olivia Pope” and other days I’m like “yes I will be a human rights lawyer” and then I’m like “I will just live in a box”. Literally, this is me every week. One day I want to go into women’s studies, other days I want to go into public relations, other day’s I want to go into fashion merchandising, other days I want to go into to media studies. It is a circle of hell. I like too many things and unfortunately the copratacracy is going to put us in debt in order to learn these things. Luckily completing a year of university has taught me one thing: I do not want to be a journalist or get a degree in it.

 This is the thing with choosing a school after having been to university, you don’t know if you like it until you get there. It’s the idea of college/university put into our heads. The idea of making a plethora of friends, while getting a degree or diploma and finding your dream guy (come on, we all want that Elle Woods university romance) is all a heap of horse doo-doo. How are we supposed to narrow down a program when your range of likes is so vast it makes the ocean look small?

 Here’s my thing, I am not satisfied with the idea of a 9-5 job, I am not satisfied with sitting in an office chair all day in my future career. I want a job where I am under pressure and busy all the time, just like in skating, high intensity and having fun. I want to travel, see the slums of India and adopt all the little babies who need a home (sorry mom, but how cute would a house full of adopted kids be) and help educate women.

 Basically, I want to be a nomad, I want constant change, until of course I am old enough to settle down. I want to get enough sleep, travel, and make decent enough money to live a happy life with a wrap around porch and a book shelf that turns into a secret room. Is that too much to ask?

found on buzz feed
found on buzzfeed