okay there buzzfeed

I came across an “article” on buzzfeed today called “23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Start Getting In Shape” and they are all, for me anyway and most of the population complete lies. It basically says if you don’t workout you can’t be happy. I call shenanigans. Who actually, truly loves working out without having at least a little dread? Even I sometimes dreaded having to go to skating, but I did love it, it was my sport. However, the fact that it said “working out will be your favourite thing” is laughable. You can’t tell me, unless you have an actual obsession, that working out is your favourite thing to do, maybe the people you workout with are your favourite thing, maybe what you do after working out is your favourite thing, but don’t tell me that I can’t be happy without enjoying working out. Or as the article says, that “it rubs off on your friend”, but I despise when my friends push health on me, like shut up I will LIVE MY LIFE.   I understand that runners do enjoy running, as a release, enjoy dance as an active fun way of sweating, yoga, figure skating, hockey etc. And maybe working out does make you feel good but what this article does is bash those who don’t use working out to get endorphins can’t possibly be as happy, at least that is how I viewed it and so did several of the comments. You know what makes me happy, yes skating does, but so does reading, so does getting lost in a season of one of my favourite shows, so does laughing at my mom’s jokes and at the weird things that are posted on twitter.

ironically enough I took this from buzz feed
also, ironically enough, taken from buzzfeed

Here is the link to the article:



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