The thigh gap, the girly things, why tumblr, why?

Okay, so I do not use tumblr, but a lot of tumblr overlaps with Pinterest. There are these things called “just girly things”. Here is my problem, many of them are contradicting and completely ridiculous. Like the one below on the right. This, this is purely encouraging girls to become obsessed with wanting “those abs”, “those legs”, “those boobs”, and saying how you are is not good enough. NO. NO. NO. I am all for eating healthy and exercising, however doing cross fit 2 hours a day, which is not good for you, or running an unhealthy amount of kilometres a week is unhealthy. It makes me so mad that girls are so obsessed with exercise and then document it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram every friggen time they exercise. I am not saying all obsessed people post about it, but many do and frankly I don’t care how much you exercise, I am not saying “hey go eat a cake every night and never exercise”, what I am criticizing is our view of healthy. Yes, obesity has gone up, yes this is a problem, well then maybe we need to try to change the way we view healthy. Back to this other side of this whole “just girly things” none sense. It slaps us in the face with the picture on the left, “beauty comes in all sizes”….wait, so we can be happy with the size we are? What? Give me some clarification! I understand that it is normal to always be trying to lose a little weight, eat a bit healthier, add some exercise. But I think people, especially girls, often neglect that you can be healthy and have other hobbies too; reading, writing, art, crafts, watching TV (this is an awesome way to wind down), hanging out with friends, cooking, music, dancing randomly, telling jokes, Pinteresting, watching funny cat videos, or like me attempting to find a cure to allergies and spread the love for your body through this blog. I makes me sick to see people close to me so beautiful and amazing think they need to starve themselves and workout for two hours to be “good enough” for everyone in their lives. We need to teach the balance of healthy eating, exercising and hobbies to everyone. Really, you only need 30 minutes of hard core awesomeness (yes I am including yoga) to get a good daily dose of endorphins. We need to teach everyone that it is OK not to have a flat stomach, it is OK to take a second helping once in awhile (ladies you know what I’m talkin’ about), it is OK not be as good at your hobby as someone else. You are the only person that knows how to do you and some these “just girly things” are far too obsessed with looks and are followed by many young minds that are still being moulded and are unfortunately caught in the trap of obsession with attaining the perfect body.

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P.S  nothing against the blogger of “just girly things”


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