Do I wish I looked like week 20?

Photo taken from Pinterest
Photo taken from Pinterest

Do I wish I looked like week 20, not at all. This picture bothers me to no end. Why the hell is society promoting this tiny little waist and completely flat abs when this is impossible, unless you don’t eat. Yes, this girl looks beautiful in both photos, but when I pinned this on my health board with my little rant underneath I had to erase the words “skinny fat to healthy and toned”. Why in the name of cupcakes is the first photo not healthy? I look pretty damn close to week one and love my body. I love what it is capable of, what my mind is capable of, what my fingers are capable of, that I can paint, draw, read, learn, and express. I am in no way attempting to bash this beautiful unnamed girl in this photo, but I am attempting to bash societies perception of a healthy body. Is it so bad that I don’t have defined rock hard abs? No. You know what’s bad, if I don’t get an education or if I don’t pass my exams or if I don’t figure out my life soon, not if I have rock hard abs. In fact that is at the bottom of my list of priorities. Frankly if I could get rid of my allergies my life would be set. I think the world would be a better place if we promoted overall health instead of the physique it creates.


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