Shailene Woodley and Body Image

This is someone I never thought would actually look up to. She started on the Secret Life of an American Teenager as a pregnant teenager, which personally was an all to familiar role what with my small town have more teen pregnancies than I could count on my fingers. I just thought she was another teen actress who wouldn’t go anywhere. Then she started popping up in feature films, first the Descendants, and now has four more starring films. She turned out to be a whole other person. When I read an article in Marie Claire Shailene talked about body image and her perception on life, which was rather interesting.

sophiabush      shai


She is a very down to earth woman, which was surprising to me for some reason. She prefers yoga as a form of exercise and said, “My whole life I have been self conscious about being skinny. And just recently I don’t care anymore. All insecurities are projected because of what you think others are saying about you, but they don’t really matter at all. My only real insecurities in high school were having such long legs and thick hair—things I’m so very grateful for now”. This quote actually resonates with me. I have body image problems, everybody does, I am not tall and skinny, in fact I am short and curvy, I like to fancy myself as the same shape as Sophia Bush, in fact she is the only Hollywood actress my shape conforms with. Conformity though, isn’t something I want to do. The fact that Shailene doesn’t go to the gym makes me a feel a better about myself skipping on the gym whenever my friends go. I mean if I am happy with myself already, then is working out really going to make it better?


The fact that Jennifer Lawrence mentioned wanting to punch people in the face who say they love working out for hours and that Shailene doesn’t exercise in the “traditional” way of, makes me feel a hell of a lot better about doing simple home work outs and the fact that she is model like and self conscious shows that it is all types of women who feel insecurities.

My question is now; do we put too much emphasis on working out to look good? Or should the emphasis be attempting to be as healthy as you can be? Yes the obesity epidemic in the world is, to say the least, disheartening, but losing weight or toning up should look at working out as becoming and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not worrying about that extra bun you took at supper. You feel me? People are far too concerned about being skinny and muscular, I mean if you like gym going then great, but we as a society need to stop pushing workout methods onto each other and just start respecting that fact the people are different. Personally, I would rather sit at home and read a magazine, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to be healthy.


Remember happiness isn’t just about that, obsessing over every single thing you eat isn’t going to make you any happier. Just be you, because being you is the only way to truly be happy, don’t let anyone ever make you feel any different.


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