Pardon the title, I am not yelling or anything. In my recent internet travels, actually more like stalking Sophia Bush’s Instagram as a procrastination technique, I came across the new campaign I AM THAT GIRL, which at first I said to myself, what is this? So I decided to email them and ask. Hey what could it hurt.

 Alyssa Hawkinson, the Senior Intern for the organization, said that the organization is about girls learning to love themselves and express themselves as well as encouraging self awareness and encouraging gaining knowledge. The organization is promoted through local chapters that use speaking events and conferences to spread the message. How cool is that?

She went onto to tell me that there ultimate goal is encouraging all girls and women to live the best versions of themselves and support each other in their journey. To me this is exactly the type of thing that needs to be encouraged right from the start of our lives. In elementary schools all the way to high schools. Self love and self esteem as well as support to each other needs to be started. Yes this is easier said than done and as humans we naturally compare ourselves to each other, and celebrities. But we are all different and according to this campaign we are all THAT GIRL. Sophia Bush is one of the celebrities publicizing the campaign and so are many others such as Kristen Bell, Hillary Duff, Bryce Dallas Howard and Kate Bosworth.

Yes, celebrities say these things and endorse campaigns all the time so I could see why some  people are sceptical. However, maybe I am just crazy, but I am hoping this is a change in the media frenzy of skinny fashion models setting the ideal for beauty. It is not to say I am not all about high fashion and I am in no way saying models aren’t beautiful, but magazines, television, and movies can control what girls see and how they feel. So what is so inherently bad if hollywood celebrities become more relatable and less photoshopped and the overall projection of women is healthier?


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